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Breath of Victory – Ujjayi Breathing

Humans can breathe without eating for a few days and even a few weeks on the long run. However, you are unable to live without breathing for 3 minutes.

People live without knowing the importance of breathing because there is oxygen all around us and it doesn’t take any effort to breathe. The oxygen around us is taken into our bodies and into our cells. Without this biological process, we, humans, cannot live. Breathing is also related to our mind at heart. When at peace, your breath is deep and steady. When angry or upset, we tend to make huffing and wheezing sounds as we breathe unsteady short breaths. With long, steady deep breaths, your body reacts positively and relaxes all tensed up muscles. Our ancestors caught the importance of breathing technique and built upon one after another. Yoga has many different breathing techniques used to relax the body and the mind. Let’s get to know one of them; the Breath of Victory.


Breath of Victory

1. Pull all abdomen muscles toward the spine.
2. Bring the pit of your stomach and chest up.
3. Breathe in slowly and fill the chest with air.
4. When breathing in and out, make sure you are able to hear your breathing.
5. When breathing out, keep the stomach in.

Abdominal breathing is when you breathe in with your stomach going out and when you breathe out with your stomach going in. However, Ujjayi Breathing is when your stomach stays in both when you breathe in and out. One important muscle used in breathing is the diaphragm. When all breathing muscles are at its shrunken state, the chest is enlarged and outside air is pushed in. Therefore, breathing has a lot to do with out muscles. This type of breathing is good for your body when practiced frequently. Breath is taken in when the diaphragm is shrunken and air is let out when relaxed. The important fact is that the muslce controls this. Imagine the state of the body when the general elasticity and strength of the muscles deteriorate.

When the diaphragm is pressured, breathing becomes more difficult and it is not healthy for the body. (When we eat too much, pressure is applied on the diaphragm, causing difficulty in breathing) Whether it is abdominal breathing or chest breathing, let’s not forget that the shrinking of the diaphragm and the relaxation of the muscle is what controls our breathing.

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