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What is “Soomgyeol”?

“Soomgyeol” means a unity and or harmony between spiritual and material beings. The word “Soomgyeol” in Korean consists of a breath or respiration which means “Soom” in Korean, and a quality or fineness which is “Gyeol” in Korean.

We used to underestimate an imperceptible change in a frame of mind, which could affect on the metabolism of the whole body considering the fact that mental health is closely linked to physical health.

Without well-balanced discipline of mind and body, we sometimes try to reach after an ultimate happiness only by mind-control which relies entirely on an exercise of willpower.

Stiffening up our body means we are getting uptight that derives from losing a peace of mind.

Have you ever felt during a talk with your friends that your shoulders were too strained? It shows your subconscious feeling and mind-set as it stands even though you feel to be happy and have a positive way of thinking.


Soomgyeol by Jae H. Lee

The program of “Soomgyeol” meditation will provide you with what true happiness is by means of bringing the light on the interrelation between mind and body. It can help a correct balance between mind and body.

Master Jae H. Lee, who is a founder of “Soomgyeol” meditation, has been made every effort to training ways of both body and spirits for a long time in a variety of practices, such as Taichi, Yoga, and other contemplations. “Soomgyeol” meditation is the fruits of his constant efforts.

“Soomgyeol” helps to find the causes of emotional byproducts such as anger, greed, and gloom derived from our daily life and helps to get rid of them out of your mind.

“Soomgyeol” is also well-harmonized with Taichi, Pilates, and other meditations. It hopes that “Soomgyeol” could be a stepping stone toward an ultimate peace for your life.

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