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Soulwellness is a center that can help people get a healthy and harmonious body and soul.

Our mission statement is to find exercise that not only maintains a healthy body, but also peace of mind, and let people be aware of this.

Soulwellness is composed of each area’s experts. We also provide several green-merchandising that give go in cooperation with eco-friendly manufactures.

Soulwellness has Yoga, Taichi, Pilates and Meditation classes, We’re planning to open more classes that can give a lot of help to mind and body. We don’t only teach athletics, but also give information on healthy foods which can help both your mind and body. We found out peaceful sleeping is so important. Good sleeping product is one of our main product.

People can have a harmonious mind and body and also know how they can breathe steadily through our special meditation and product.

Soulwellness goes by the philosophy; that seeking health is to keep balance between human and nature.

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